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Euphrates River, the largest in Asia

Thursday, April 4th 2013. | Iraq, Syria, Turkey
Euphrates River, the largest in Asia
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The Euphrates River, with the Tigris and the Nile, is responsible for life to exist in the Middle East. It is through this river that many civilizations since ancient times have been developed using water flowing through its grounds. 2.780-kilometer cross territories now Turkey, Syria and Iraq, and is in the latter where it joins the Tigris to form the Shatt-Al-Arab that eventually empties into the Persian Gulf.

Euphrates River Beautiful

It is said that in ancient times the river was much more plentiful and as Pliny and other ancient historians, the Euphrates had its own outlet to the sea, like the Tigris. As the river has changed, so have the people who have settled on its shores.

The river has witnessed the passage of the Akkadians, Sumerians, Babylonians, Assyrians, Bedouins, among many more. Today has sparked controversy by the amount of water received by the countries where it crosses the Euphrates. Iraq has always been cautious and fearful that countries like Turkey and Syria be left without enough water because of the great dams built in these two countries that provide power and water to its inhabitants. Despite these problems and others, the Euphrates is still enchanting landscapes by giver and agricultural importance it represents for those who inhabit its banks.

Sunset Euphrates River

Along the river we see posted on margins historical remains of what were once great cities now disappeared with the passage of time and modern buildings for the use of the waters of the river.

The Euphrates High Dam built after 1968 with the help of the former Soviet Union is the first major hydraulic work. Its construction led to the recovery of many historical remains as the Castle of Qalat Jaber.

Euphrates River Landscape

Fifty miles to the east along the road until you reach Raqqa, the favorite city of Harun el-Rashid in the eighth century. Today almost nothing remains of the ancient city, except the remains of the palatial residences and the largest mosque and the walls and the stunning Baghdad Gate. Following the tour of the river banks rise historic cities as Halabiye , Deir ez-Zor , Doura Europos, etc.

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Euphrates River, the largest in Asia
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